The Vision for the Building Expansion


  • The Multipurpose (MP) Room will provide a necessary and designated space for our food and fellowship times (Connection Sunday)
  • The MP Room can also provide space for Children’s ministry on Sundays, space for the Youth ministry, VBS outreach, and additional overflow space for ministry and activities throughout the Year
  • storage are closest spaces that can hold the tables/chairs along with games for the Youth for the MP Room
  • The ‘Commercial’ Kitchen for our Kitchen Ministry to fully function for fellowship times, other gathering events & accommodate all dining events
  • Café will be a place where connection and fellowship can take place before and after morning services, Bible Studies during the week, & a potential Internet Café during the week for the Community. Through the selling of coffee, tea, & light snacks, the Café can potentially provide enough income to support itself.
  • Storage room provides the space for supplies that will be needed for the Kitchen & Cafe
  • The Youth Room would have a designated space for all its activities
  • Bathrooms will accommodate people who are occupying the MP Room & Café
  • Lobby is an adequate space that connects the Old Building to the New Building.
  • The Courtyard would be a designated external space for fellowship and food in the warmer months.
  • The Sanctuary will be dedicated to its specific purpose
  • The ‘Old’ Kitchen would be converted into the Nursery with a window looking into the Sanctuary
  • The ‘Old’ Nursery would be turned into necessary Office Space for Staffing